Catyn’s love affair with indoor cycling began over 3 years ago when she took her first class. Catyn was a national track and field competitor, but surprisingly had never ridden a bike. Given her Italian and Portuguese heritage, stubbornness flows naturally through her veins, and therefore she was determined to master the art of the “tap back”. It was only a few short years later that she took the plunge into instructor training and has loved every second she spends on the CycleStar podium since. Catyn was, in fact, voted “Broadway Bound” by her graduating high school class. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that you can expect a lot of themed playlists (Divas Showdown and Flashback Friday are some of her finest), high energy, and the occasional Dad joke. Catyn was also a bartender for 10 years, so if you’re sore after class make sure she tells you how to make a really cool cocktail to soothe the pain. Catyn is a self-proclaimed townie and hails from South Boston (kid). In her spare time, she likes to travel (30 countries and counting), lift heavy things, hang out with her pups Fred and Lola, root for the Bruins, and sing 90’s songs at any and all karaoke bars. Stop by and chat with Catyn after class. In addition to “Broadway Bound”, she was also voted “Most Talkative”. 🙂

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