Health and fitness were always first on my list as a gluten free vegan. So how did I become a CycleStar? I started off as an outdoor cyclist just riding around the park or the neighborhood in my hometown, Houston, Tx but as I grew older, I needed a change so I tried out indoor cycling. Since then I was hooked! As a rider, I enjoyed the classes and experience at CycleBar. Now that I’m an instructor, I’m able to bring my best self by riding to Afrobeats, working hard, and having fun! Growing up as the 3rd oldest out of 7 children, I was placed with responsibilities that led to to me building compassion for people. Just as my father, I care about the community and enjoy helping people be their best selves. I will by uplifting and encouraging you to go further than you think you can. My class is more than motivational, I will uplift and encourage you to go further than you think you can! LETS GO!

Buckhead Schedule