I was introduced to my first cycling class in 2016. I had been an elementary teacher for the previous few years and really needed something to help me relieve my stress, which led me to cycling. After two more years of teaching and getting up at 4am to cycle, I finally made a career change. Today, I am the Program Director for an after school enrichment company called ACE and instead of taking cycle classes, I teach them. Teaching at CycleBar is now my favorite hobby as it’s my passion to give others a space where they can step out from their often crazy, stressful days and focus on themselves. I try my best to bring a positive energy so that the individuals taking my class walk out feeling refreshed. When I’m not leading a class, you can typically find me enjoy the outdoors with my husband, Rylan, and my two dogs, Yeti and Harvey. If you want to take a few minutes out of your day to refresh your mind, kick your body into overdrive, all while having a super fun time, please come join me!

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