YO! If you’re looking for megawatt energy, pulse pounding music, and a room full of good vibes then look no further! Known for my gigantic, electric personality, each class will leave you feeling like your soul is vibrating from the endorphin high! After losing 100lbs myself, I understand the intimidation of a cycle class and encourage people from every fitness level, beginner to advanced, to come tap it back with me! My goal is to always make sure my riders feel seen and noticed in a world that has become increasingly isolated with social media and daily life. In-between the humor and dope music, you will find yourself forgetting you’re actually working out and not at a party! The motivation you generate will have you pushing through barriers and discovering how capable you truly are. If you’re into party bangers, hip-hop, mashups of current hits, and a ridiculously good time, then I’m the Cycle Star for you! Over a decade of teaching under my belt and each class still feels thrilling and new!

Cedar Park Schedule