grew up in the Czech Republic near the mountains. Skiing was my first love. I learned to carve up the slopes when I was only 3 years old, and continued as a competitive skier for many years. I picked up biking a bit later on to keep my legs strong during the off season. Cycling had me hooked from the start, and it wasn’t long until I became a cycling trainer. I have since expanded my fitness portfolio to include not only cycling, but also HIIT, Piloxing, Jumping, and Boot Camp. I have experience leading fitness classes in the Czech Republic, Austria, and the Netherlands. I do my best to make sure that after one of my classes you will leave feeling stronger than when you walked in, and brimming with the confidence to be the very best version of yourself. My goal is to motivate every client to be true to themselves and their journey – but hunger for progress! I also have experience working as a nutritionist and personal trainer for a professional women’s soccer team in the Czech Republic. I believe that proper food habits and exercise go hand in hand with developing and maintaining your ideal body image and happy soul. I am passionate about conveying the strength, energy, and CYCLEBAR mentality into everyday life! After 10 years of fitness teaching experience around the world, I knew I belonged at CYCLEBAR.

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