My life and journey with athletics started as a freshman in college. I weighed in at 325lbs, didn’t care about my health, and never believed that I was an “athlete”. When a friend tried to convince me to train for a half-marathon, I laughed in their face. But thank god they pushed me. I fell in love with running, not for the physical benefits but for the mental benefits. I learned that I was capable of much more than I let myself believe. I learned that I was stronger than I let myself be. A half marathon turned into full marathons, turned into ultramarathons, turned into Ironman Triathlons. As a graduate student at USC, I found indoor cycling as a way to train for triathlons while on a time crunch. I found the sanctuary of a 45 minute cycling class to be the perfect fit for me. I began teaching indoor cycling, and found that I loved sharing that sanctuary with others even more than holding this space for myself. My passion for teaching on the bike is more than a passion for athleticism, it’s a drive to help every person who enters that room find the best version of themselves. With the right music, motivation, and movement, we are all athletes.