Erin T.

Erin Tucker (formerly Sneed) has been in the fitness industry since 2010. Erin is known for her tireless energy (fun fact: she was her college’s mascot!) and recently moved from Chicago where she made her mark in the fitness community. Although Erin is young and energetic, her body has been through a lot. In 2012, Erin was had her first hip surgery to clean up the joint. In 2017, the hip pain was back and she underwent total hip replacement surgery at the age of 26 and is proud to be a #bionicwoman! Erin is a firm believer that her hip surgeries have been a blessing in disguise. “It really has made me a better trainer, my injuries have really made me appreciate modifications. I haven’t run since 2011 and I’m fine with that and fell in love with cycling. It has actually made me a much more well-rounded fitness professional. I lift, bike, swim, and do yoga! I hope to be an inspiration to others with injuries or who are working on their recovery”. She is feeling better than she’s felt in 10 years and wants to motivate those who think they can’t do it. Come catch one of her classes!

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