Sonja has been teaching cycle classes in Nashville fitness clubs for 12 years. She also has experience as an aerobics instructor and has taught overall body strength training. Sonja is a singer/songwriter and has written songs for a number of projects, including two songs for a major Hollywood film in which she and her band were featured onscreen with Patrick Swayze. In addition, Sonja and her husband Bart Williams are pastors and the proud parents of two daughters, Austin and Allee. Sonja loves people and she is driven to see them get results. ”Healthy Spirit, Healthy Soul and Healthy Body” is her mantra, motivating her clients to make it a lifestyle to go after health. To her, the journey is as important as the end goal; it is all about sustaining lasting healthy results. “CycleBar is great because it is the perfect setting to lean in and push my clients to physically reach their next levels of fitness while providing an energetic atmosphere where I can use my professional music skills to motivate my clients that anything is possible, to not give up and to continue to go after lasting results!”

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