The cycle theater is more than a room to sweat in or music to listen to. The cycle theater is my escape, my stress relief, the place I feel supported and empowered. I started indoor cycling in 2016 and became a part of the CycleStar team in 2019. The bike, the workout, the people, and the experience mean so much to me but it has taught me some of the most important lessons: that I am stronger than I believe and how to push through the hard things in life. Whether it is a physical, mental, or emotional breakthrough, I want to help you see how strong you are and how capable you are to make it through all the hard things as well! I am originally from Kalispell, Montana, I moved to Nashville in 2016 and am now married to my best friend and biggest supporter. Off the bike, you can catch me working at a non-profit, serving at church, taking care of plants, or playing with my cat. On the bike you can expect encouragement, speedy legs, heavy beat drops, and plenty of hair flips. I can’t wait to ride with you!