Ben can’t go a day without music! Kanye, Kendrick, Diplo, Marshmello… The list goes on. That’s mainly why he loves what he does here at CycleBar along with the opportunity to build relationships with people and inspire riders to be their best selves. He lives by the quote, “music is part of the ritual of training,” so he always leans on that when making playlists for his classes. He does his best to make class challenging while also providing a fun, healthy, motivating environment for each and every rider to feed off of! He wants all riders to leave class with an energized spirit, a boost of confidence and a positive, limitless mindset that they can apply to all other areas of their lives!

When he’s not in the studio you can find him listening to new music and great albums of the past start to finish, training clients as a personal trainer, working out, reading, playing golf or being motivated by ET The Hip Hop Preacher.