Originally from the far reaches of northern Wisconsin, David moved to Madison in 2015 and is currently finishing up his undergrad degree at UW-Madison. He joined the CycleBar community as a rider in June 2018 and instantly became addicted to the intoxicating atmosphere. As a CycleStar, he focuses on inspiring riders to dig deep within their inner strength, all while having fun and jamming to some bops. “My favorite part of teaching is when someone comes up to me after class and tells me they reached a gear or RPM they never thought they’d be able to do when they started riding at CycleBar!” When it comes to music, he enjoys creating diverse playlists that make you forget about the workout and have fun with the ride. Admittedly a huge fan of pop divas from every era, David has an wide-ranging taste in music from 80s rock hair bands, 90s soulful R&B, 00s hip-hop, and current EDM hits of today. Schedule a class with David if you want to feel like you’re at a party and reach beyond your potential!

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