Born and raised in Central Wisconsin, Leah grew up as a small town girl with much bigger dreams. As a lifelong dancer, she always had a knack for moving to the beat and living creatively. Her love for fashion and business drove her into her schooling as a UW-Madison student majoring in Retailing & Consumer Behavior. After transitioning away from dance and sports in high school, Leah was ready for a new challenge and a way to inspire others. She has always loved fitness; especially when there is a strong mental aspect involved. From the moment she took her first class at CycleBar, she had her heart set on becoming an instructor. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Leah proudly tells everyone she has the greatest job in the world. She aims to create an environment where you can leave everything at the door and ride away from the world, all while having a blast. Seeing riders reach their personal triumphs is what energizes her each and every day.

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