During a weight loss journey, Jonathon discovered a love for all thing’s fitness. He started with weightlifting, marathon training, along with a mix of group fitness classes ultimately becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, he began teaching other group fitness classes. Finally, a close friend, also an instructor for CycleBar, brought him to his first ever CycleBar class. Falling in love with the community, he found himself riding daily, even multiple times a day. Beginning his journey as a rider, competing for top spot on the leaderboards, now he pushes riders to achieve their personal best, in every class he teaches. Jonathon’s class will immerse you in positive energy and a great selection of music varying from pop, EDM, Hip Hop, and many other genres of music. With some of the best music taste out there, you are in for a great time. Jonathon’s class is for riders of all levels, looking to sweat, dance, and connect to the music and leave class feeling empowered.

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