“We all have more to give,” is Brittania’s motto, whether it’s on the podium at CycleBar or in her career as a Registered Nurse. With a passion for wellness through holistic care, prevention and physical activity she believes that everything on this earth is worthy of love and care, including ourselves, and of course animals. Brittania LOVES animals and has 2 fur babies of her own that she will proudly show you photos of if you ask.

As a Division 1 athlete, competitive softball player, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, she knows how to work hard for success and wants to push her riders to do the same. Brittania believes that making the choice to exercise is a huge accomplishment and is one of the best things you can do for mind, body and soul.

Brittania is a ray of California sunshine on your CycleStar team and is equally as excited to DJ your ride as she is to lead it. If you like to jam out, push your limits, and share a sweaty high five, you’ll love riding with Brittania!