Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania A little about me: My full time job is doing sales for an IT Staffing Company - AKA, I take a lot of people out for lunch and happy hours and convince them to hire people. Super glamorous. In my free time (does that even exist?), my husband and I like to watch football (Go Eagles!), take our boat out on the lake, play with our fur babies, and travel!! Word to describe you: Loud Word to describe your class: Geez this is actually a hard one. Fun! I feel like everyone is going to say that haha Inspiring? Energetic? Badassness? (is that a word?) Living-yo-best-life!! If I hyphenate it, it becomes one word. Music: Usually my playlists are a variety of music ranging from Drake to Mumford and Sons, with at least 1 or 2 throwbacks that everyone knows and loves. Fun Fact: I have a deep obsession with Brussel Sprouts.

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