Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A little about me: I work for a company that sells cars online, Carvana, as their Perks & Wellness Specialist and I am obsessed with working. In my very little free time - I like to go on adventures with my friends, hang out with my 1 year old cousin Magnolia, watch documentaries & cheer on the Steelers! I found CycleBar through my job, actually - we did a partnership and slowly but surely I fell in love (after I struggled for 6 months hehe). Word to describe you: Energetic, outgoing, charismatic (I asked my coworkers & this is what they said) Word to describe your class: Feel-good, fun, HIGH-ENERGY, and motivating. Music: I like music with drops that make you PUMPED, remixes/covers of 80s/90s songs, rap for a dance party vibe & indie pop. In other words, a little bit of this a little bit of that. Two truths and a lie: I was a competitive dancer & cheerleader my whole life, including TAP DANCING, I have 5 tattoos, and I have an abnormal obsession with AVICII (RIP) - jk they are all truths.

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