Gina had been indoor cycling for almost 12 years before deciding to share her love and become a certified instructor. Gina has now had years of experience coaching riders in a variety of settings, but loves the CycleBar Theatre the most! The music, sweat, and energy from every ride is addictive and she is so happy to share her passion with you! When Gina is not in the studio, you can find her in the classroom. She is a Dyslexia Specialist and spends her days providing reading interventions for students in need. In addition, Gina provides private multi-sensory therapy after school and on a more creative note, is a professional makeup artist for special events! At home, she is the mother of two beautiful girls, and enjoys a balance of adventure and relaxation with her soulmate Frank. What’s her secret to fitting it all in? Early morning workouts! If you want to wake up pumped and have steady energy throughout your whole day, ride with Gina! She truly believes that half of the hard work is done just by showing up and that you will always leave feeling better than when you came.

Montvale Schedule