When she was 10 years old, Alissa fell in love with dance—taking any dance class she could, all the way through her young adult life. One day, her friend invited her to a spin class and the rest is history; the loud music, positive energy, and catching the beat drops all felt just like a dance class—there was even a wall full of mirrors! Soon after, she found her spin family at CycleBar and that love of the CB community has followed her down to her new home in the Lowcountry. As an instructor, Alissa wants her riders to have fun and be energized by each other and the music while also feeling emboldened as an individual to push past his or her boundaries. She hopes you leave her class feeling not only accomplished but that you were just a part of something electric. Alissa loves dad jokes, really good hugs, and looking at pictures/videos of puppies.

Mount Pleasant Schedule