My name is Maria Alejandra, born in Venezuela. Since I was a child I lived in sports and environments thanks to the influence of my parents since they were engaged in the business of sports training. Since I was a child, I was in different sports activities: gymnastics, ballet, dance, I am an aerobics lover. When I reached adolescence, I took the bicycle as a hobby and with the passing of the years as a sports discipline. I dedicated my studies to physical education, sport and recreation. Exercise is for me like water for the body. It is part of my day-to-day, it is like breathing. I am convinced that exercise is healing. I love training outdoors and enjoy every gift of nature. The bicycle has given me the best moments, the best friends, the best family, doing what I do, with any musical rhythm, that makes me vibrate and let my audience feel that this is the exact moment to challenge you, and say to yourself, I can definitely. The bicycle is like life itself, pedal hard and forward without stopping.

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