So for me it’s always been about the ‘Production’! The message and the music and the way it’s presented. I started cycle instructing in 2008 and even then what impressed me the most was moving to the beat! Catching the beat of the song and running intervals and movements to the beat drop.

Timing is everything! Timing my cues to the beat drop and including my message at just the right moment. Being ‘Right On’! And yes I occasionally hop off the bike and break out a dance move #brunomars. I want to give you the feeling where you forget you’re working out and you’re enjoying the vibe! #itsinthevibe

2017 I became a CycleStar Whoop Whoo! Now I am able to combine my production with all that CycleBar has to offer, the studio, the lights, the stats, and the community. Making my ‘Production’ unstoppable! I continue to grow and learn with my life mentors and evolve with every experience I have! #evolvingperformer

Favorite artist by far is Janet Jackson! Chickahhh!
Currently: Halsey, Zedd, Dua Lipa, and The Chain Smokers

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