Sarah has been riding for over 10 years at various studios in the Pittsburgh area. It started off as a way to cross train for running, and eventually turned into her preferred workout. Being active and working out has been a part of Sarah’s life for as long as she can remember. In high school, she was part of the North Allegheny cross-country and track teams and ran in college on a Division 1 Scholarship at Ohio University. Unfortunately, an injury to her foot put an end to her running career, which is when her interest in cycling really took off. She didn’t know if she could ever find a sport that would give her that “running high,” but after a few cycling classes, she realized this was possible. Sarah is excited to push people to their limits while having some fun, and to remember—“the workout is going to be hard no matter what, so you might as well push yourself a little bit more than you thought you could.”