For as long as Sheena can remember, physical fitness and music have been key components of her life. Growing up in West Philly, walking, skating, and running were introduced early, and music always provided the backdrop for it all. Sheena’s love for fitness continued into high school and college, where she was a highly recruited Division 1 track and field athlete. She’s since retired from running, and now channels her energy into rhythmic cycling and freestyle cardio and weight boot camps. Her ride vibe is an energetic mix of new and old school rap, hip-hop, and R&B with a little dab of pop. When she’s not rocking her ride, Sheena’s working full-time as a director of strategic accounts, selling contract pharmaceutical. She’s a wife of 16 years to a husband that she met at the gym, and a loving mom to amazing 11-year-old boy-girl twins, who are quite active in various sports.

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