I love indoor cycling. As a boutique fitness junkie, I’ve tried everything. When I found indoor cycling, I was hooked. I’ve been teaching with CycleBar for over 2 years. I began my journey with CycleBar as a studio owner and CycleStar in the Chicago area. We then relocated to Scottsdale and I’m thrilled to call Scottsdale 101 my new sanctuary and cycling home! I believe in leaving class with a stronger body and a lighter spirit. We will work hard and will work it out — whatever “it” is that day. I want riders to feel a part of a supportive, fun, energetic community. We ride as one. We all come to our bikes with different needs on any given day. I want riders to get what they need mental, physically, and emotionally in every ride. Most importantly, we will have fun achieving our goals. What happens on the bike changes our day, and in many cases, our lives. Let’s have fun and change some lives!

Scottsdale 101 Schedule