Will started his journey at Cyclebar South Tampa in Spring of 2020. He took a leap of faith after taking cycle classes in his home state, New Jersey and applied to be a Cyclestar. He fell in love with the environment, as well as the unique concept behind Cyclebar. Being interval based was something intriguing for him after taking many different classes at different studios. In the past he was very unhappy with his weight and how “skinny” he looked, but when he walked through CBST’s doors he never felt more comfortable. He quickly learned that putting in the work made a huge impact on his fitness goals. Everybody in the community is welcome, and he wants everyone that takes his class to feel comfortable! You can expect a variety of music, fun choreo, and a crazy arms sequences (his favorite)! He loves a fast pace run out of the saddle, but gritty hills are also expected in his class. He can’t wait to meet everyone

South Tampa Schedule