I do anything from climb 14ers in the summer to snowboarding in the winter. If it gets my heart rate up, I am there. I have two Great Danes, both super lazy but love the dog parks! I have a beautiful daughter named Bella who keeps me busy with sports and school. I currently volunteer with her school run club. I love to travel and I lived in Thailand for a year when I was younger, volunteering and visiting family. I traveled most of southeast Asia then as well. My next current adventure is a month abroad in Europe, visiting Spain, Greece, and Turkey. I enjoy traveling in America as well, and my favorite city is San Francisco. I love watching sports, especially football, so that’s usually what I am doing on Sundays, and I, of course, love the blue and orange (who doesn’t in Colorado?!) I also love summer nights at Coors Field. Nothing better than ending a week at the baseball diamond. I went to college for exercise science and nutrition, so that is really where my passion lies. I own a FIT36 studio in Lowry, CO and I absolutely love cross-training with indoor cycling. I believe balance is the key! Cyclebar has really taught me so much about community and meeting people from all walks of life. I love helping people on their wellness goals, and I do everything I can to be a part of their breakthrough moment.

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