Sarah is currently an Economics student at the University of Calgary. She grew up playing ringette and when she was done playing, took up indoor cycling and fell in love right away. Once she found her passion for indoor cycling, she never looked back and pushed herself way out of her comfort zone to pursue teaching! She wants her classes to push her riders out of their comfort zones, essentially allowing them to get uncomfortable and grow together! Her classes allow riders to leave life at the door and just sweat! Her playlists will have something for everyone, a song you can recognize, connect and get down to. There will also always be a country hit as she is a huge country fan at heart! She enjoys the upbeat, dance tracks as well as the heavy tracks as she believes they allow us to shake off those blues and get lost in our workout for a short while. As an instructor, she wants her riders to recognize their own strength and feel empowered when they leave the theatre. “I cannot wait to share my love for CycleBar with you Calgary!”