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Lover of music and athletics, Kaelyn found her passions unite in harmony here at CycleBar.  This former college radio DJ loves creating exciting and motivating playlists to keep her riders engaged and dancing throughout each ride.  Kaelyn is a “glass is always half-FULL” type of person who likes to ensure each rider leaves the studio feeling on top of the world, motivated for another ride and, above all, stronger than they were when they walked in.  Beginning her cycle journey in February 2018, she quickly found her stride and fell in love with sweating it out on the bike and focusing on how to help others do the same.  Cycling unlocked a new world for Kaelyn, both mentally and physically, which she hopes to help others find on their journeys.  Whether it’s a bad day or a good day, you can find Kaelyn pulsing it out on that bike, motivating others to focus on #1 (YOU!) as much as possible.

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