My goal is for every rider to leave my classes feeling happy and inspired. I hope to light a fire underneath their saddles, and ignite excitement within to help them achieve their fitness goals by incorporating CycleBar classes into their lives. I strive to be a role model who embodies a healthy lifestyle. I hope to inspire and motivate others through my positivity, words of encouragement and upbeat attitude and I will support each and every rider in their journey. My mantra is “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!” I got hooked on indoor cycling after my first class. The healthy stress relief of this intense workout, combined with the club-like atmosphere and great music had me coming back for more. I love that indoor cycling challenges you as an individual. Cycling gives me a sense of awareness and helps me to be accountable for what I want in my workout. That type of motivation is not easy, and once you find that in yourself, its undeniably the best feeling!

Temecula Schedule