Aka CrAmy I’ve been teaching with CB for 2 years I started teaching in NY 6 years ago My cycling journey began 15 years ago & each ride is better than the last ️ Almost all music inspires me ( sans country) , but I love all EDM dance music, anything DJ driven... but my girl is Always my Missy E!! Music is what connects us and my absolute favs are powerful instrumental pieces that capture and evoke emotion! My Mother is my hero! She is the bravest woman, who has taught me how to truly be a lady. She inspired my love of Being an independent woman in the work force, my love of fashion, cooking & decorating! Above all she paved a path of having integrity, grace & always being able to stand on my own two feet! Now being a mom myself I hope to instill these qualities in my own daughters. Besides my insane passion of cycling, I also love to ski, play tennis & of course Dance Cyclebar is truly my sanctuary! A place that allows me to explore, open up and be with the people I adore. Moving from New York was beyond difficult, but I can honestly say CB saved me In every way possible. It’s like going to Dance party & church at the same time! Guilty pleasures.. yikes!! There are a few! I have a major addiction to jelly beans & anything gummy!! I love to shop ... esp now more so for my girls. Always ride from your heart! Create & capture your moments... take them with you & then share them with someone else!! And always Color outside the lines!!! Unique fact ... I rapped solo at my wedding as a surprise to my husband.. JJ Fad’s Supersonic! I love to beat box!! I also can change my voice to sound like ELMO from Sesame Street

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