Nickname: CQ # of years you have been with CB: 3 years # of years you have been teaching indoor cycling: 15+ years # of years you have been riding indoor cycling classes: 16 years Favorite artists to play in class: Too many to just say one. . . I love a good remix though! Favorite quote: Persistence not Perfection Who is your hero? My parents. They sacrificed a lot for my sisters and I. Sent us all to college and we graduated debt free. Favorite physical activity besides indoor cycling: lifting weights—which I need to get back to doing! Favorite thing about working for CB: the culture and community. Guilty pleasures: Cheez-It’s, Gummy Bears, and Watching mindless tv like Summer House and Real Housewives. Personal mantra: Because I can Fun/Unique facts about yourself: -I don’t like peanut butter or chocolate. -I grew up at the beach but I don't know how to surf. -I don't like for my food to touch.

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