Nickname: Lolo Job title: Master Instructor # of years you have been with CB: 3 yrs ... well almost, 3 yr anniversary is Aug 2019 # of years you have been teaching indoor cycling: 6 yrs Favorite artists to play in class: Depends on mood but if I had to pick one, ColdPlay for the win. Favorite quote: Life is about choices. The choices you make today, become habits for tomorrow. Soon those habits become a lifestyle. Your lifestyle is your destiny. Choose your Destiny. Heard that when I was 17yo from a guest speaker in HS auditorium. At 25yo I had it tattooed on my arm Who is your hero? First responders and past/present/future women and men who serve our Country Favorite physical activity besides indoor cycling: Hot Yoga and Running are tied for 2nd! Swimming comes in close at 3rd. Guilty pleasures: Spontaneous Travel, Really good wine, and Soda Water #cheers Personal mantra: I’m a sucker for mantras... -Coach/instructor: I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to remind you what you’re capable of. -Personal: Forever a student. Live for today and keep learning! Your life is your message. -Relationships: An expectation is a resentment in the making Fun/Unique facts about yourself: I’ve lived in a lot of places! I spent most of my childhood in Switzerland and Canada. Athletic fun fact, in 2013 I was ranked #1 amateur female triathlete in the state of SC. Once I reached that point, I decided to focus on coaching and became an instructor.

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