Nickname: Ging # of years you have been with CB: 3! Since the very beginning! # of years you have been teaching indoor cycling: 2! # of years you have been riding indoor cycling classes: oh gosh - 6-7ish Favorite artists to play in class: literally everything. Catch me playing anything from Fall Out Boy to T Swift to a poppy country jam! Favorite quote: when something becomes more of a burden than a benefit - time to let it go. Who is your hero? MY MOM - she is hands down the most amazing human. I only hope one day I can be half the woman she is. Favorite physical activity besides indoor cycling: pure barre and HIIT workouts! Favorite thing about working for CB: the people! I always joke that I come to work just to hangout with people Guilty pleasures: tv shows intended for 15 year old girls aka gossip girl Personal mantra: gotta work hard for what you want - then enjoy it! Fun/Unique facts about yourself: I didn’t drive on an interstate until I was 18 years old - country girl at heart ha

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