Whitney K

Whitney found indoor cycling after taking a lot of fitness classes that would fulfill some of her fitness needs but did little to motivate her. When she found CycleBar she knew she had met her perfect match! “I used to get picked on for dancing on my bike until I found my tribe.” “I can be having a difficult day, take a 45 minute class at CycleBar and feel like a new person.” She realized she could walk into the studio and leave everything else outside. Indoor cycling quickly became her go to for fun, fitness as well as, overall physical and mental wellness. The benefits to her were so abundant she felt a deep need to share her love of cycling with others. Whitney wants riders to revisit and redefine their goals and purpose during every ride. Her message to riders is, “This is your 45 minutes. You get out of a workout what you put into it. Make every ride count.”

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