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Mental Health

My Mental Health Journey

Last year, my mental health was the weakest it had been in a long time. I was struggling with purpose at work and finding community in a new city. I had lost my confidence and sense of value. I simply felt alone. But when I came to CycleBar every day and was greeted with the warmest smiles and people who knew my name and cared about my day, I immediately would feel better. I felt like I belonged somewhere, which, when you are new to a city means a lot. I found my confidence and self-worth again as the instructors cheered me on and believed in my potential. They wouldn't let me quit on myself, so I wasn't going to either. It didn't matter how I felt when I arrived at CycleBar, I would always leave feeling empowered and loved. This type of unconditional love, belief, and support helped me heal and regain my sense of worth. Now, as an instructor, I know the impact that someone believing in you makes on your life. When we show up and believe we can give our best, we can begin to heal. I am so grateful for the ways CycleBar has transformed my life.

-Meredith Trank, CycleStar at CycleBar Winstom-Salem


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