Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Go to our Studios page to find your nearest studio. Select the First Ride Offer to take your first ride with us!
Do I need to sign anything before I start?
Before your first ride, you need to sign a waiver. If you are under 18, you need one signed by a parent IN PERSON. Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your first ride, so we can give you a tour of the studio, outfit you with shoes, and help adjust your bike.
I am brand new to indoor cycling. Which ride should I select?
Most start with either our Classic or Connect ride. Regardless of which ride you choose, you can modify a CycleBar ride to your own fitness level.
Do I need my own indoor cycling shoes?
Each CycleBar studio has cycling shoes available for every class. Please note shoe rental fee may apply. If you prefer to bring your own, just make sure they are Delta clip or SPD clip compatible.
How do I pick my own bike? Can I ride next to a friend?
When you book a class, you get to select a bike. Just ask your friend what bike they selected so you can ride next to them.
What else do I need to bring and what should I wear?
At CycleBar, we take care of everything, so all you have to do is show up, clip in, and ride. We provide complimentary filtered water, towels, snacks, lockers that have coded keypads for easy access and safe storage for all of your belongings, hair ties, wet clothing bags, and other toiletries for you to use. We suggest a tank or t-shirt and form-fitting, athletic shorts or pants. We have plenty of CycleBar apparel and water bottles for sale in the studio too.
Yes, please check with your local studio and your rider agreement for class late/cancellation fees as well as member cancellation fee details.