Jules is a classically trained ballet dancer turned badass indoor cycling instructor. She moved to LA from Temecula just over a decade ago to pursue a career in the fashion industry, but after taking her first indoor cycling class, her life took a 180. She had a humble beginning teaching at the Koreatown YMCA, where members would show up over an hour early just to make sure they got a spot in her class. When you step into the studio with Jules, she reminds you to leave your issues at the door, empowers you to find your strength within, and encourages you beyond what you believed was possible. Jules loves to coach people and remind them they are always ahead of the game just by showing up. No one ever leaves Jules’ class without a huge smile on their face, as her positivity is contagious. Jules is a master and lead instructor at CycleBar Culver City, and trains CycleStars across the nation.

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