Ashley has played sports since a very young age athletics have always interested me and have been a huge part of my life, as well as music. As a musician, music has been at the forefront of any match, game, or endeavor I’ve been on. So, when life in the sports world came to an end for me after high school and college, I wanted to find a way to experience that same drive, competitiveness, motivation and sense of camaraderie that sports had given me my entire life- all of which I’ve found in CycleBar. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to combine two of my true loves: music and athletics. I want riders to come in with an open mind. I want them to leave any fear of judgment at the door. When they leave that bike, I want riders to feel a few things: empowered, motivated, determined, and hungry for more. And more than anything, I want them to feel like they have found somewhere they belong. Over time I’ve watched riders improve and it’s because of this mindset. Once our mind is in shape, our bodies follow suit.

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