Let’s RIDE! I have been “on the bike” for a decade and I love sharing my passion! I am a teacher at heart. As a former middle school teacher, assistant principal, principal and now as a college professor, I LOVE nothing more than teaching and helping individuals break out of their comfort zone, reach for their dreams and accomplish their goals. My CycleBar classes are student-centered and will provide you the opportunity to focus on YOU. I believe in you and want you to be the best version of you! The musically inspired adventure will free your mind and provide you new strength. I pump tons of energy into class so at times you may wonder if you are at a rock concert or Vegas club. A mixture of EDM, current hits, throw-back’s and rock will inspire you to escape the everyday grind, let go and catch that beat. Riders, be ready for a challenge and don’t be afraid to learn something new – I’m not afraid to teach you! Push, climb, sprint and dance with me! Oh yeah…and sweat too!