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Donna Suro's #curealz story

My dad was a truly brilliant man. He was a successful entrepreneur and CEO of a fortune 500 company. He was my superman. At the age of 63 he encountered his kryptonite - early onset Alzheimer's. This was devastating for our family. My mom was looking forward to all the years of retirement doing the things they sacrificed for his career. Our family attacked finding a cure for Alzheimer's with all the same passion my dad poured into his businesses, friendships and family. Unfortunately no amount of money or connection could help my dad because there is no cure. He died at the age of 67. I miss him everyday. I wish so much I could have him back with full capacity. I never want anyone to experience the horror of watching a loved one disappear before their eyes to ultimately feel robbed by the death of this thief Alzheimer's. Thank you for doing this fundraiser. We Ride as One and I believe we can Cure as One.


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