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G.I. Jeaux

Joseph Swindle, an officer in the US Army, also teaches for local cycling studio, CycleBar Hattiesburg when he is home in Mississippi. While on a tour overseas in Afghanistan, he thought up the idea to start teaching indoor cycling classes for his fellow patriots on "spin" bikes they found on the base. It helps his team build team morale, keep spirits high and create a feeling of “home.”

In his own words: “I’ve been with the CycleBar family for nearly three years as a client, then CycleStar. What a ride! I. Am. Home no matter where I ride across the country. As an active duty Army officer, having the opportunity to serve our Nation and bring the CycleBar family and fitness to our team deployed is an incredible blessing. Our first class had one person just two months ago, and now we fill the bikes twice a week in my best attempt to replicate the studio atmosphere in a tent-gone-CycleTheater! It’s a great outlet where we leave stress at the door and build our tribe!”




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