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Why Women Cycle Ft. Annalise Sinclair

For Women's History Month we asked our Community of Women, Why they Cycle? Our first feature is from Annalise Sinclair, an incredible rider from CycleBar Greenville.

CB: What are the reasons you were/are drawn to indoor cycling?

AS: I have always been active- dance, running, and colorguard- and was looking for a fitness routine that was low-impact (a necessity after years of wear and tear on my knees) but upbeat and musical. CycleBar fit the bill, perfectly! 

CB: What about the rides @ CycleBar help empower you as a woman? 

AS: About 6 months into my CycleBar journey, I experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage. CycleBar helped me heal, physically and emotionally. Being surrounded by strong women who lift one another up and challenge each other to constantly give their all helped me feel more like myself again. Having a miscarriage can be isolating and can make you feel like less of a woman. Being a member of the CycleBar community helped me feel less alone and regain my confidence.

CB: We want to thank Annalise for sharing this touching story with our community. 


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